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Nymphalis antiopa, known as the Mourning Cloak in North America and the Camberwell Beauty in the British Isles, is a large butterfly native to Eurasia and North America.
The name originated from the discovery of two individuals at Coldharbour Lane in Camberwell in 1748. Camberwell is at the heart of the old London dockland, and the pair had almost certainly been stowaways on ships bringing timber from Scandinavia.
The immature form of this species is sometimes known as the spiny elm caterpillar. Other older names for this species include Grand Surprise and White Petticoat. A powerful flier, this species is sometimes found in areas far from its usual range during migration.
This species is generally considered a butterfly of woodlands, though it may be occasionally be found in drier areas such as the deserts.
During migration, they may be found in almost any habitat.
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