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El Dorado 2000-2004
The implications of the massive influx of immigrants to Spain, a small portion of what remains at the top, are so large that require a watchful eye that could begin to understand the change so great that our society is experiencing.
In Spain there are more than three and a half million immigrants
(the third part does not have papers), but is one of the lowest percentages of
European Union compared to surrounding countries like the United
Kingdom, France or Germany. It's the end of that "anthropological
reserve" thatnot many years ago it was Spain.
This new workforce is necessary-essential-for
development and continued growth in a country that has a
previously unknown prosperity. But it is also a challenge
must for the whole of our society because the stability
development and welfare depend on it. And that despite the history
recently in our country, there is a problem of lack of historical
Spain does not remember that until recently was a country of
With this work I try to get closer to the lives of these people in
as briefly as possible and, to discover that behind each case
of that language or different languages, of that race or different skin
lies a
human reality almost always full of tragedy and need,
survival instinct. Individual realities that will leave your
mark on the Spanish social fabric by promoting and contributing to
transformation that is taking place in it.
Despite the requirement of certain images, obvious, if anything, is
associated with immigration, my intention is not to show again
despair of these individuals who have been forced to migrate in
for a better future. Instead, I try to approach them through
a look that tries to be dignify these people. I do not seek
portray their misery or despair, but sometimes unavoidable,
but to recover the human side, sometimes so ignored the individual.
Details of their cultural uniqueness and pride of their origin, while
highlight the need to integrate their dreams, their aspirations
vital to their basic needs and the new socio-cultural reality
which have to face.
Not talking about psychological portraits of characters studied
advance, but first impressions of anonymous individuals:
suggesting a split second known stories, tragedies
camouflaged places ignored.
Iñigo Aguirre Bujedo
Bcn, May 24, 2005
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